Chalzea Xu (She/Her/They), an illustrator from China, who graduated from School of Visual Arts and currently lives in New York. Specializing in cover, editorial and book illustrations, She has been collaborating with publishers, magazines, and new media since 2019.
Contact : 
ViaLactea Publishing (America), 
Nongfu Spring, New Star Press, 9397 Train, Datong Publishing, Bibo Publishing, Danqian Book,宇宙游泳Studio (China mainland), 
Qifeng Book (Macao),
Hangzhou Rainforest Culture (China) 
She also provides illustrations and logo designs for a Chinese clothing company called SNBL, which is a fashion company officially licensed by Disney.

Little Warrior-Nominated for Best Picture Book at the Ceremony of the 16th China International Comics Festival and the 20th CACC Golden Dragon Award 
Runner-up of Creative Quarterly 70, 73. 
First place winner of Upward Gallery Watercolor Art Competition
SILVER Winner in the Graphis 2024 New Talent Awards
Communication Arts 2020 Illustration Shortlist
2023-YoungOnes Shortlist
Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Going Home-Nominated for Best Picture Book at China Illustration Biennal(CIB) 2019

2024 The Musée du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition "Rotor" 
51st Annual Mark Twain Library Art Show, Connecticut
2023,2024 SI MoCCA Arts Fest, New York
2024 Jersey Art Book Fair
Asia Illustrations collections Exhibition 2019 
Exhibition of CaoMuBenXin, Chengdu, China, 2023, host by HerbSpace 
Exhibition in the Art Store 馫space, Xiamen, China 
Exhibiton in MEI·BO ART MUSEUM, Shanghai, China, 2020
Thank you for reading!
I'm currently living in New York City.
Meet my dog TiTi
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